Meat & Fish from a better source


Recently, I have been motivated to try and eat meat and fish that comes from more “natural” sources, from animals that have been raised more humanely or allowed to develop in the wild, and those that haven’t been treated with antibiotics or fed unnatural foods such as grains.

In terms of fish, I have been ordering from Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics. The stuff is not cheap, but I see it as a long term investment for my health!

I only eat kosher meat, so it was a bit of a challenge to find, but the website Grow and Behold pasture raised meats. They advertise as selling, “OU Glatt Kosher meats raised on small family farms, with no hormones or antibiotics.” They also have deli style turkey slices that happen to be the only SCD friendly kosher deli that I have ever come across, which is really exciting. It also tastes REALLY good, I finished the first package of turkey in one day!

I have also been buying only pasture raised eggs- these are easier as they can be found in almost any supermarket!


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