My name is Eliane Dabbah, I am 22 years old, I have Crohn’s disease and have been on the SCD diet since February 2012. Since then, my Crohn’s symptoms have all but disappeared. My mom has been a really huge help throughout this whole process (the almond mama herself!), and I wanted to share the recipes that we have made over the years, so others could have an easier time getting adjusted to the SCD lifestyle!

When I was first diagnosed in December 2011, my doctor suggested I start with the most aggressive medications. My mother was terrified of all the possible side effects and the potential detriment to my quality of life. Being new to this whole chronic disease thing, I was so confused about everything and had no idea how to pick between all the fancy medications I was being offered. I saw a bunch of different doctors, and heard about many different treatment options. When one doctor mentioned that there was a diet that was known to help people with CD, my mom jumped at the chance to try a treatment that didn’t require harsh medication, and that is how we came to find the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. My first doctor really didn’t like the idea, so we switched to the doctor that had recommended the diet to us. Though he preferred I go on medication, he agreed to monitor my progress on the diet. I knew the diet would be restrictive, but I was so much more comfortable with the concept of changing diet to get at the root of the disease that had taken over my digestive system, rather going on medications that would serve to stamp out the inflammation, compromising my immune system that was already damaged. One day at school (I was a high school senior at the time), I asked my friend for a piece of chocolate, and somehow I knew it would be my last for a long time. Then, at home, I had my last carb-filled dinner, and as I finished it up, my mom asked if I was ready to give the diet a shot, and I decided that I was.

For me, the effect of the diet was almost instantaneous, within a few days I was feeling so much better. No more lying on the cold tiles of my kitchen floor after dinner due to stomach pains, or having to leave in the middle of my high school classes– the pain had simply vanished. I was eating “less,” but I gained weight (I was finally absorbing nutrients that I had been lacking!), and the color came back into my face (to my mothers extreme satisfaction). I went to the doctors office after two weeks on the diet, and was shocked when I received the results of my blood tests. My iron, which had been low for years, had shot up, and my CRP and SED rates had shot down (they are markers for inflammation- a major symptom of Crohn’s disease). I couldn’t believe my luck in discovering this diet, and was so thankful that my mother had been so set on finding some alternative way to heal.


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