SCD Lemon Tart

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Now here’s a treat that tastes even better than it looks! We decided to take our mini lemon tarts full size! Garnished by hand with fresh strawberries and blueberries. Feel nourished and healthy with its almond flour crust, and simple all natural and refreshing lemonfilling. Don’t forget this delicious treat is dairyfree, sugarfree and grainfree!

*recipe coming soon*

SCD Strawberry and Banana Parfait

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Start off your day with this perfect Parfait! We made this strawberry banana yogurt from scratch, blending fresh strawberries, bananas with homemade yogurt that was made using a yogourmet machine. The parfait is topped off with Wellbees crunchy and delicious all-natural granola! Have this for breakfast, and feel great all day!



Put yogurt, banana, strawberries, and honey into a blender and mix well. Top off the mixture with granola. Enjoy!

SCD Super Easy Jam

SCD Super Easy Jam


Berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc.)
  Honey to taste


 Put a little bit of water on the bottom of a pot, so the jam doesn’t burn. Boil the fruit on medium heat until it starts to look like jam (about 30 minutes). Add honey to taste. Put the jam into an immersion blender to make it smooth. Enjoy!!

This picture features my homemade strawberry-raspberry jam with melba toast that we bought from Digestive Wellness/Wellbee’s. They have a lot of really great SCD products!

We also use this jam to make strawberry yogurt. I love mixing it with yogurt and adding in granola for a quick breakfast!