SCD Travel Tips

Traveling while on the SCD diet can be a challenge, but once well thought out and planned, any trip is possible!! I have been to London, Italy, Switzerland, Colorado, and Israel while on the SCD, and have made it through while still sticking to the diet!

  • Invest in a good cooler that is easy to transport
  • Get ALOT of ice packs
  • Make a list of all the food you think you will need – I always tend to overpack, but I think it is best to be prepared.
  • If you are going to a hotel and are bringing food, make sure the hotel provides a fridge, or make sure to book a hotel that specifically has a kitchen or kitchenette in the room. Staying at an airbnb is also great, because you almost always have your own kitchen and can drop by a local grocery store to pick up a few things.
  • Almost anywhere you go, there will be fruit available, but that is really the most you can expect- come prepared with any possible snack, whether its homemade trail mix, cookies, dried fruit (depending if you can tolerate it!).
  • Restaurants: they can be tricky, so stick to the simplest possible dishes. I usually go for fish and grilled vegetables, and sometimes a salad. Make sure to tell the waiter/waitress that you have many food restrictions (If you call it an allergy they understand better), and ask them to tell the cook to prepare the food with ONLY olive oil, salt, and pepper. Restaurant food ends up being pretty plain and boring, but that is definitely the safest way to go! 

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